About Me

A full-stack developer with broad skillsets.

Development Skills

  • Javascript, React
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Python, Flask
  • SQL

Languages Known

  • English - Native
  • Chinese - Intermediate
  • Japanese - Advanced
  • Korean - Intermediate

I am currently studying Computer Science at the National University of Singapore. I have been interested in programming ever since a young age, tinkering with blog designs and trying to make games with Adobe Flash. That love for learning and creating has not ceased today, and I am always looking out to make the next cool thing. 😎

I am well acquainted with modern web technology, being a full-stack developer. I work mainly with React and various backend languages, including Node.js, and Flask. Being quick to adapt, I am certain of my own ability to learn new things quickly and try them out.

In my free time, I like to make progress towards language acquisition. I have attained the N1 certification for Japanese, the highest level certification, and am currently putting it lots of effort into learning Korean. By effort, I mean reading lots of comics and binge watching drama. It is my dream to one day become a polyglot. 😆

Interested to find out more? Contact me here!